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Web Content NC, April 2014

For Communicators on N.C. Government Websites

Tips on Keeping Web Content Fresh

Need a systematic approach to keeping your website contet up to date and fresh? Try this:

  • Choose a high traffic page or subsection. Determine the “top tasks” of that page/section. Read about task analysis. Be cautious about making assumptions about your site visitors’ top tasks. Consult webpage analytics and customer service channels. Consider a targeted survey.
  • Create scenarios from the tasks. Read about scenarios.
  • Give the scenarios to real people (not within your agency) and measure how well they complete the task. Don't help them! Do thank them profusely.
  • Make adjustments (to content or organization, add graphics or other page assets). Sometimes small adjustments can create a big payoff.
  • Repeat testing and compare results.

If you test a different high traffic area of the website each month, your website will stay fresh and relevant.

More on usability testing best practices.

Covering Live Events

Want to create buzz around your event? This Future of News blog post has great ideas on "creating an experience."

For Good Title Tags, Pay Attention to Length and Keywords

Getting page titles right is crucial to making your web pages findable in search engines. The big daddy of search engines, Google, just redesigned their search results page. This Digital Gov blog post explains why you should care.

The Moz Blog has a tool where you can preview a title tag in Google.

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