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Infrastructure Study and Assessment Findings Released

State Chief Information Officer Jerry Fralick has released the findings and recommendations of an assessment of North Carolina’s IT infrastructure.  Technology Partners International (TPI) conducted the assessment of the IT infrastructure in 20 executive branch agencies and departments.


“We engaged TPI to provide us with an independent, third party assessment of the costs of the IT infrastructure in North Carolina,” Fralick said.  “Now, it is our job to analyze the findings and recommendations and determine a reasonable, affordable course of action that maximizes efficiencies and minimizes the risk to the vital programs provided to the state’s citizens.”


The proposals and five-year estimated cost savings include:

  • Outsource mainframe services, including all hardware, software, associated support functions and disaster recovery = $37.2 million.
  • Outsource Wide Area Network (WAN) services, including network monitoring and management, planning and design services, network connectivity and operations and network provisioning management = $6.2 million.
  • Consolidate IT service desks at four state agencies into the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) = $8.9 million.
  • Consolidate servers from five agencies into ITS = $23.8 million.


TPI estimated the transition costs for implementing the proposals at $18.5 million.


A group composed of agency chief information officers, deputy secretaries, senior managers and others is evaluating the TPI recommendations to provide a state perspective, including the risks, benefits and total cost of implementation.  That team is expected to make recommendations to State CIO Jerry Fralick.


One possible approach is a Request for Information (RFI) and an information session to seek input from vendors.


“ITS looks forward to working with the vendor community to assess interest and ability to further the INSA project,” Fralick said.  “Ultimately, we are seeking a reasonable, balanced and achievable approach that will generate real savings while minimizing risks to the vital services provided to our citizens.”


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